Found At E Minor: These incredible hyper-realistic drawings are made with just a ballpoint pen

24 year old Egyptian artist Mustafa Khodeir is turning heads all over the Internet by using only a common ballpoint pen to create mind-blowing hyper-realistic drawings.

His work is so impressive that when he started sharing his work online, many people thought his portraits were digitally manipulated or traced over actual photographs.

This Port Saeed-born artist had to post high speed videos of his working process for the Internet to believe his talent was the real thing.

Son of the ‘Sheikh of calligraphers’, one of the most famous calligraphers in the Arabic world, Khodeir’s talent was discovered from an early age. Encouraged by his dad, Khodeir began to develop his own technique and style, straying away from his father’s work and delving not into calligraphy, but into figurative painting.

He first started experimenting with simple fabrics, wood and pencils before moving to pastels and watercolours. He eventually settled for the fountain pen technique after stumbling across other ink artists on the Internet and networking with them.

Ballpoint color pens Video speed time lapse :

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According to a piece about him by Middle East lifestyle and culture site, Asharq Al-Awsat, the wunderkind works in absolute seclusion, first painstakingly drawing the main shapes with a pencil before inking.

He defines himself as a realist painter, preferring portraiture and natural landscapes. Every one of his creations takes from fifty to seventy hours to accomplish, and although he studied technology at college, his process is completely analog with no intervention of software of any kind.

To him, this approach is the strongest to capture the full expression of human feelings.

Ballpoint pens 2015 Details.

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The next step of his evolution is to dabble in themes directly related to popular Egyptian culture, and boy! are we looking forward to that.

You can contact him for commissions or buy his artwork directly via his Instagram page.

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