This giant child at the US-Mexico border sends a strong message about immigration

In response to Donald Trump’s controversial stance on immigration, French artist ‘JR’ has installed a 70-foot-tall image of a one-year-old boy looking over the US-Mexico border fence.

The installation, built on layers of scaffolding over on the Mexican side near Tecate, features a photographic black-and-white image of an infant named Kikito. It presents the boy peeking over the fence, amused at what he’s seeing on the other side.

The project was made just a few days after Trump announced his intent to rescind the DACA program. It’s the policy that protects thousands of immigrants, who came to the country when they were children, from being deported.

In an interview with the New York Times, ‘JR’ explained the meaning behind his artwork. “As an artist, I try to bring back perspective,” he said. “For this little kid, there are no walls and borders.”

‘JR’, whose works often involve portraiture set up in the most unexpected places, has tackled the subject of immigration before. In 2015, his installation on Ellis Island in New York highlighted what it was like to be an immigrant entering the US in the 19th century.