Show your millennial pride with these bizarre onesies covered in ironic pop culture references

Onesies are back, everyone! We’re super excited, though they’re not the onesies we once knew.

Rage On has just released a range of onesies that are pretty much millennial culture in clothing form. The onesies are printed with pictures of unusual tidbits of popular culture including: Hilary Clinton, Doggos, Nicholas Cage, Bernie Sanders, ‘Netflix and Chill,’ and a whole heap more.

The fashion items are pretty much pyjamas with memes slapped on them. If you reckon you’ll look Kanye-level trendy in one, or you’re ready to be the laughing stock of all your friends, you can purchase a onesie for $109.99. Don’t worry, your friends will be laughing with you, not at you. Honest.

Onesies are no longer about hibernating to cope with winter, breakups and excessive weight gain. Onesies have now taken pride of place in the fashion of our generation. Although we’re not sure you would want to wear one out to dinner… yet.