Guy who created sex robot tells world on live TV he lets it hang out with his kids on the sofa

A totally normal breakfast TV interview about a man promoting the sex robot he created himself, took a turn, when details of just how included the machine is in his family’s life.

Everything had been par for the morning show course as Arran Lee Wright spruiked Samantha the sex robot to the world, occasionally with a hand on it’s lap. You know, as we see all the time on breakfast TV, of course.

“She was like a corpse,” said one of the two mildly horrified This Morning show hosts, Phillip Schofield, recounting what it was like to meet the robot for the interview.

However, things got increasingly uncomfortable as Wright elaborated on Samantha’s position in his family, when asked about what would happen if a child was to find it.

“Well I have two children myself, and Samantha has a family mode,” Wright said.

Wright explained that Samantha sits with his children on the couch, and occasionally rides with the family in the car.

“My children they say, where’s Samantha?”

Wright’s wife, Hannah Nguyen, who was also on set, said she had no problem with the sex robot being so involved in her family’s life.