Found At E Minor: Inspiring designer creates one-of-a-kind urban hideaway

In the great cities of the world, countless spaces lie bare, uninhabited and ultimately useless. One man seeks to reclaim these spaces.

Meet Fernando Abellanas, a self-taught furniture designer who is on a journey to create soulful sanctuaries in the barren underbelly of urban sprawls.

In this particular project, Abellanas attached a tiny hideaway to the concrete underside of a monolithic bridge in Valencia, Spain.

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The endeavour is to capture the isolation, peace and protection of childhood by redefining the most useless and forgotten places in our cities.

This undertaking is evident in the way Abellanas designed and installed the hideaway, which comprises a rolling carriage and furniture stuck to the top of one of the pillars supporting the bridge.

It’s described as a mobile connection between a house and a home, body and soul.

Abellanas has not specified the exact location of this hideaway or any of his other similar projects. Take a stroll off the beaten track and you might be lucky enough to come across a sanctuary of your own.

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