Did you know that spiders have the cutest itty bitty paws?

The next time a spider touches you, don’t freak out. They just want to hold you with their eight adorable little paws.

From afar, a spider’s leg looks like it just ends in a stump. But upon closer inspection, they actually have small ‘paws’ that are called tarsus.

Similar to cats and dogs, these bugs have claws attached to their ‘paws’. Some species have two claws, while those who build webs, typically have three. Other than using the tarsus to cling onto webs, arachnids also use these body parts to hear and smell.

So these paws are not only cute, but they’re highly functional as well!

Check out some of the most adorable tarsus we’ve ever seen below. You’ll probably want a pet spider after this. Or maybe not.