Featured Image for Clay artist Kaley Flowers creates twisted masterpieces with subtle social messaging

Clay artist Kaley Flowers creates twisted masterpieces with subtle social messaging

The work of Toronto clay artist Kaley Flowers caught my eye a few months ago. Her style is unique, fun, and endlessly whimsical.

Not surprisingly, she takes much of her creative inspiration from music, obsessively curating her Soundcloud account. “I mostly listen to electronic, drum and bass, UK garage, psytrance, old-school happy hardcore, jungle, lots of 90s club music, future bass, and nightcore,” she says. “I switch a lot between really fast-tempo, super hyped music and relaxed ambient + downtempo mixes.”

Clay art by Kaley Flowers

I interviewed her recently to find out more about her original artwork.

Describe your style of art in 4 words.

“Colourful, cute, current, complex.”

You’ve mentioned that the Internet is a big influence for your work. Could you name some of the websites you first went on when you were younger? And at what age did you start using the Internet?

“I think I first started using the Internet when I was 9 or 10.

“I remember using Yahoo chat rooms to play online games and later MSN messenger. I would make my own GeoCities sites, and spend a lot of time downloading music through KaZaA and Napster. I was really into Neopets, curating my Myspace and LiveJournal page and loved Facebook when it first came out.”

Clay art by Kaley Flowers

When was the first time you made something out of ceramics?

“I first made something out of clay in 2014. I’ve been into making art and creative activities + crafts my whole life and was able to take art lessons from a really young age. It took me forever to graduate from art school. I took a lot of different courses since I was interested in trying so many mediums. It wasn’t until I took a ceramics class that I felt really focused.”

How long does it take to create one piece of work?

“It depends on scale and complexity of the form and surface. I make a pretty wide range of objects. An average smaller piece will take around 2 to 6 hours, but I’ll generally spend 80+ hours on a larger sculpture.”

Clay art by Kaley Flowers

What are some other hobbies you have?

“There are a lot of hobbies I would like to get into but ceramics takes up most of my time… I like to watch anime, find new music and look after my plants when I have some spare time.”

Discover more of Kaley Flowers’ work at her website

This Guest Post was written by Toronto-based designer, Dori Pankowska, who was featured on Lost A E Minor for her incredible crayon business card creation.