Was there a secret message in the Game Of Thrones season finale? (**SPOILER ALERT**)

Sometimes an army of the dead is just an army of the dead. But sometimes it’s not.

Although Season Seven of Game Of Thrones is well and truly over, people are still combing each episode for hints about how the show will end next season.

In the finale of Season Seven, one moment in particular has received a lot of attention, taking place as we see Viserion bring down the wall.

Noticed first by a keen-eyed Redditor, it looks like the wights are marching in a wolf formation.

As any decent Game Of Thrones fan knows, the wolf is the sigil of House Stark. The implication is that this is further evidence linking the Night King to the Starks, specifically Bran.

Bran has a had a pretty rough arc really. After getting paralysed in the first episode of the whole damn series, Bran essentially got dragged across Westeros, mentally damaged his buddy Hodor and became the Three Eyed Raven.

He has since returned to Winterfell as your cousin who has smoke weed for the first time and has just completed his first year of philosophy at uni. This involves a lot of staring into space and saying deep stuff.

But according to another theory, there is way more to Bran than just being mildly creepy and warging.

Also originating on Reddit, the theory states that Bran is the Night King and many are seeing this wight wolf formation as further proof.

Put simply, Bran has gone back in time three times to prevent the Night King but has ultimately failed and become the Night King himself.

The first time, he went back and tried to prepare the Mad King for the White Walkers, but the Mad King got messed up on the instructions to “burn them all,” and instead burnt regular folk. Whoops.

The second time, he went back and built the Wall, which until now has been pretty useful.

The third time he went back to the creation of the Night King but somehow got trapped in his body.

The theory is pretty outlandish even by Game Of Thrones standards.

In several interviews, Isaac Hempstead Wright (who plays Bran), has said that he doesn’t really think that Bran and the Night King are the same person.

But it is worth noting that Wright hasn’t actually seen the script for Season Eight yet, so… maybe?

He also recently posted this:

Regarding the so-called wolf formation, it could be that HBO is aware of the Bran theory and is just trolling us. Or maybe the wights just wanted to walk around the big piece of ice? The simplest answer is often best, but in Game of Thrones, anything is possible.

The bad news is we’ll most likely have to wait till 2019, when the final season airs, to find out.

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