Prost! Adidas release a special edition vomit and beer-proof Oktoberfest shoe

German shoe manufacturer Adidas have come out with a limited edition shoe, just in time for Oktoberfest. And in the tradition of German engineering and practicality, the shoe is designed to be both beer and vomit resistant.

Anyone who’s been to Oktoberfest knows the hazards of flying and flowing liquids – but until now the unstylish gumboot was the best way to keep your feet clean and dry.

The shoe’s colouring matches the brown shades of the interior of a beer hall, with intricate lederhosen-style embroidery running across the back.

The lining of the shoe mirrors the red and white checked pattern of an Oktoberfest beer tent tablecloth, meaning they’re the perfect accessory for your lederhosen or dirndl.

The shoes are also printed with the word ‘Prost’, which is about all the German you really need to know should you make it to the world’s biggest beer celebration.

Oktoberfest begins today in Munich (September 16), running all the way until the third of October. While the Bavarian celebration is the only true Oktoberfest, similar celebrations have been run around the world for decades – many of which also feature the similar hazards which plague the original.

The shoe was released in Germany in early September, with releases staggered in different countries.

At €199 ($AU297), the made-in-Germany shoe isn’t cheap, but then again nothing at Oktoberfest really is.

If you’re worried about the price, know that those who get in early with get a free one-litre beer stein – the perfect accessory to get that Oktoberfest catwalk look.