LAEM Sessions: Sparrows performs Get To Know You on the Lost At E Minor rooftop

Sparrows is the project of Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Jess Nitties, a richly layered, deeply melodic musical soundscape of genres, tempos and intricate arrangements.

Inspired by contemporaries such as Grimes, Lykke Li and Bjork, Sparrows mashes elements of electronica and pop with poignant lyrics that explore the complexities of life and love.

We invited Sparrows to the Lost At E Minor rooftop to perform her epic masterpiece, Get To Know You, and asked her some questions about her music in the process.

How did you become so immersed in music? What were the triggers that enabled you to pursue music as a career at this stage of your life?

“The immersion for me really started when I commenced the study of music composition and production fulltime at uni. It was the sudden death of my beautiful Dad that made me question what I was doing in life. I realised how precious life is. It really does fly by and you just don’t know when your time is up.

“I knew I needed to pursue what I loved quick-smart, so after getting used to the idea of getting out of my comfort zone – it took a little while! – I quit my job and have not looked back.”

>>Watch Sparrows play an acoustic version of her song Take My Heart Out

Tell us about the writing and recording for Get To Know You.

“I made the beat out of the sounds of some random objects, such as the bouncing of a ping-pong ball, a stapler, a lighter and some crunchy peanuts. The concept arose from a crazy weekend at the festival Return to Rio, together with a walk down King Street in Newtown where I did a lot of people-watching and eavesdropping.”

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