This footballer’s dick bald patch is the best sports moment of the week

Forget about Barcelona’s ruthless trashing of Juve, or the terror Paris Saint Germain’s new front line is inflicting all over Europe. How can the Champions League compete against Goran Pandev’s spectacular penis-shaped bald patch?

Lukaku is scoring goals for fun over at ManU with five goals in five apps already. Today was the first time Messi ever scored against the mighty Gianluigi Buffon. But that’s all trivial.

The Macedonian footballer currently playing for Genoa in the Serie A shouldered everybody away from the spotlight with his unusual and impossible-to-ignore hairstyle.

Goran Pandev, winner of the 2010 Champions League with Inter Milan, jogged casually off the pitch as he was substituted at the 38th minute of the first half in a game against Udinese Calcio this past Sunday.

But fans all over the world shook their heads in disbelief as they noticed the bald patch on top of the striker’s head looked JUST LIKE a set of male genitalia.

Of course Twitter went completely ballistic, with fans turning to the social media site to air their informed opinions on Goran’s involuntary (or is it?) fashion statement.

Some cyber fans offered their valuable advice to the veteran footballer, suggesting he “do a Rooney” – in reference to the star’s famous hair transplant. Others wisely said he just needs to accept baldness and shave his head completely for the sake of the beautiful game.

Of course, we know this is not the only unusual hairstyle to grace football fields this year. How could we forget English referee Mark Clattenburg’s sudden weak hair covering during the international friendly between Brazil and Australia in June?

Genoa lost one-nil by the way. But we know you don’t care.