Found At E Minor: Your pet will never be lonely again thanks to this cute robot companion

It’s no secret that doggos love our company, which is why it’s hard to leave them behind when we work, socialise and travel. But one startup may have found the solution.

Despite its name, the Anthouse is not a receptacle for your personal insect colony. It’s actually a pet companion robot designed to, well, be a companion for your pet while you’re out of the house.

The Anthouse is packed with a range of features to enrich the life of your four-legged friend and is controlled through a smartphone app. The robot even avoids obstacles and can automatically find its way back to the nearest charging station in your home.

But this isn’t just something you can use at work, university or your friend’s place. Because the Anthouse can access your WiFi network, you can interact with it from anywhere on the planet.

Whether you’re nibbling on a croissant on the cobbled streets of Paris or sunning yourself in Santorini, you can send love to your pooch at the click of a button. What a clever little robot, indeed.

Check out the Anthouse Kickstarter page for more information.