Watch as an irritating drunk is epically taken down by another passenger on a Ryan air flight

One of the passengers on a recent Ryanair flight just couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to knock out an obnoxious drunk on his own with a move that would make Jason Bourne proud.

The epic civil intervention happened on board a Ryanair flight between England and Spain and was caught on video by Dean Whiteside, a labourer from Essex, England

“He was making a nuisance of himself,” Whiteside told the British tabloid The Sun, “Over the course of the flight he was singing loudly with his headphones on. It was a late flight, everyone was tired and he was rubbing people up the wrong way.”

According to Whiteside, the 22 year-old annoyance was repeatedly warned by the plane’s staff,

“The stewardess spent about an hour telling him, ‘You’re going to need to be quiet or I’ll call the police.’”

After the plane touched down at Luton airport, airline staff stepped in to nab the unpleasant young lad, yet he continued to argue. The video captures the exact moment when an unidentified man snaps and wraps his arms around the neck of the irritating trouble maker. The rest of the passengers are heard cheering and howling as the scrawny victim collapses down to the floor.

“That’s it, a citizen’s arrest,” another passengers screams out, amidst the chants, whooping and hollering that for a split moment, turned the plane into an epic MMA arena.

A company spokesperson later stated: “A 22-year-old man from Dagenham was arrested on suspicion of common assault and being drunk on an aircraft. He was taken into police custody and dealt with by way of simple caution.”