Featured Image for This ice cream ad is the WEIRDEST thing you’ll see all day

This ice cream ad is the WEIRDEST thing you’ll see all day

Ice cream ads aren’t known for being avant garde. Until now. 

As far as ice cream companies go, Halo Top is really pushing the boundaries. Not only did they manage to make a low calorie ice cream with fewer than 400 calories per pint, but apparently it actually tastes good — because it has now come from nowhere to become the top-selling ice cream in the United States.

So why stop there? Whatever they’re doing, it’s clearly working. They’ve managed to disrupt the ice cream industry, and now they’re going one step further and disrupting the standard ice cream advertisement.

And if you’re going to make ice cream ads weird, you might as well go all the way. And they really did:

That is some truly weird advertising. As a short film, or the opening scene to a dystopian sci-fi dark comedy, it might make more sense. But putting this out into the world in order to increase ice cream sales — now that takes guts.

Advertising works in mysterious ways, however. After all, while you might not particularly want to eat ice cream after watching that ad, it did get a lot of attention for Halo Top. Like this article, for example.

Had you thought about Halo Top today before reading this? Probably not. And now you have, all because they made a video so weird that we thought we’d better tell you about it.

Maybe that’s a better advertising strategy than just using traditional commercials. One thing’s for sure: if any ice cream company decides to make a normal, boring advertisement with smiling people eating ice cream cones, they aren’t going to get any coverage from websites like ours.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to find out where I can buy some Halo Top right now. Because on some unconscious level, maybe I really do want to be force-fed by robots.


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