This illustrator draws some of the best line work portraits we’ve seen

Patrycja Podkescielny is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Poland whose line work is out of this world.

Her stippling and etching techniques are exquisitely detailed and beautiful, but her compositions are most striking. She uses a dark colour palette on much of the canvas, then puts white and gold accents to make the images pop with contrast.

This choice in muted colours, along with her powerful character design, results in a style of portraiture that naturally draws a viewer’s curiosity.

The Fox Is Black said it perfectly: “When I look at each of [them] there’s an editorial voice that comes through. I want to know who these characters are and learn about each of their stories. The fact that I’m drawn in like that shows the true success of the style.”

While working primarily as an illustrator, Patrycja is also a graphic designer, typographer, and teacher. To discover more about her art, check out her website.