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Hillary Clinton had a creepy run-in with Pharma Bro

The infamous Martin Shkreli risked Hilary Clinton’s safety for his own bizarre need for a strand of her golden hair.

American businessman and former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli, who is known in the media as Pharma Bro since raising the prices of lifesaving retroviral drugs by 5000 per cent, was out on bail for his security fraud conviction from early August. He has now been brought back to court and sentenced to prison, for a slightly more unusual reason…

Prior to being thrown in jail, Shkreli had been roaming the streets on a US$5 million bond, but his court appearance on Wednesday was due to a Facebook post which promised $5000 to anyone who could deliver him a lock of Hillary Clinton’s hair.

Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, who sentenced Shkreli, called him a “danger to society,” for his provocative request over Clinton’s hair and suggested that he was inciting his fans to cause a risk to national security.

Essentially, Shkreli has been chucked in jail because he was being a troll. And of course, the internet is loving the fiasco…

Judge Matsumoto has taken the matter extremely seriously and labelled his post as a “solicitation of assault.” Regardless of how weirdly funny the request may be, it’s a little worrying for the former presidential candidate who is currently on tour in promotion of her new book.

Shkreli has since apologised for his Facebook post saying that the post was an “awkward attempt at humor or satire.”

Yes… very awkward indeed.

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