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This Chinese start-up are putting mini gym pods on the streets

There’s nothing worse than peak hour at the gym, and no one likes dedicating their precious hours before and after work to keeping fit. Could these cutting-edge street gym pods be the future of fitness?

Chinese startup Misspao is making waves with its unique answer to the biggest barrier facing professionals who want to stay fit and healthy: time.

The group has unveiled a ‘pod gym’, a small street booth with enough space and equipment for one person to work out as they please. Based on its early success, it looks likely to redefine when, where and how we exercise.

The pod is linked with a smartphone app that can be used to book, pay as you go and unlock the booth with a QR code. It doesn’t even cost a fortune, with current costs reported as US $0.25 cents per minute or $7.50 for a half-hour workout.

The pod gym can be booked and unlocked via an app.

The compact design balances spatial convenience with all the bells and whistles you need to break a sweat, including a built-in treadmill and a range of other gym gear. There’s even an air purifier and a screen for playing music, movies and TV shows – would it kill them to add a blender for our protein shakes, too?

The idea has proved to be such a hit with professionals that the startup is planning to install as many as 1,000 pods across the streets of China by the end of the year.

If you’re shuddering the thought of using a sweaty, overused one-person pod gym, don’t fret. A maintenance team regularly visits each pod to give it a thorough clean.

Could we be seeing these on Australian streets in the near future?

This launch isn’t the only unique business concept we’ve seen in recent times, with the launch of a Vancouver-based startup that has found an ingenious way to recycle used chopsticks.

Meanwhile, a Toyota-backed startup from Japan is developing a flying car with the hopes of unveiling it at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Misspao is only installing pod gyms in China at this stage, but its promising early success may mean we see a similar concept hitting Australia in the near future.