Cruelest Dad EVER pranks daughter after she just watched ‘IT’

Dads might not be good at cracking jokes, but as it turns out, they’re quite good at pranks.

In the following video, a dad has a cruel prank set up for his daughter, who has just arrived home from watching the horror film IT.

The start of the clip shows the old man dressed as Georgie, the character who gets abducted and later on returns as a ghost. He even has a red balloon with him to complete the look. Moments later, the daughter arrives and finds the shocking ‘apparition’ in her room.

She runs out screaming for her dad, who must have been laughing the entire time.

It’s only one of many pranks that were inspired by the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel. In Los Angeles just recently, YouTuber Ashley Ortega almost got tasered after she did a similar prank on her roommate.

Creepy clowns in 2016, more creepy clowns in 2017. When will this clowning around end?

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