Featured Image for Model James Charles tweeted a bad review of “It”, and the Internet was not impressed

Model James Charles tweeted a bad review of “It”, and the Internet was not impressed

James Charles shot to fame last year as the first-ever male spokesmodel for CoverGirl. And he’s now finding out that when you’re famous, you have to watch what you tweet. 

It seems Charles was invited to a screening of the highly-anticipated and much-hyped screen adaptation of Stephen King’s horror masterpiece, “It”.

But after only a few minutes of the film, it seems he’d had enough. Because James decided to take to Twitter and share his thoughts. And although he deleted the tweet after the ensuing controversy, apparently it read: “ok five minutes in and IT was already awful stay tuned for updates”.

That’s a pretty quick decision, James! Maybe wait until the end of the movie before panning it?

The internet was quick to jump on his premature film review. In fact, one of the child actors starring in the film saw the offending tweet, and couldn’t resist administering a light smackdown to the presumptuous model-cum-critic:

Ouch. The kid has a point. And that was just the start. It seems the rest of the Internet was none-too-impressed with the flippancy of Charles:

After deleting the tweet, Charles went into full sulk mode, wallowing in self-pity for all to see:

Damn James, don’t get so down about it. Just admit you made a mistake and move along.

To his credit, he did also post a video apology in an attempt at damage control:

After watching that, you might feel a bit bad for Charles. But just so you know, he should probably know better by now, as this is only the latest of several social media scandals he’s had since entering the public eye.

Just a month after being signed with CoverGirl, he was forced to apologize for a tasteless joke about Africa and Ebola which he made online. But obviously that experience was not enough to make him think twice before trolling his followers online.

Also, a few months later, it was revealed that Charles had fabricated parts of his backstory in his attempt to become a public figure.

But you know what, James Charles? It’s okay. Everyone will forget about all this trouble. You’re only a teenager, and you’re new to this fame thing. But after three public controversies in one year, remember: not all publicity is good publicity! In spite of whatever your President might think.

So maybe learn from this experience, and consider hiring a PR person to handle your social media? It’ll pay off in the end.


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