LAEM Sessions: We invited Aussie songwriter Lenka to play her song Lucky on our rooftop

Australian artist Lenka has been pretty busy of late. On top of taking care of her newborn daughter, and recording a new album, she also found time to pop up to our rooftop in Surry Hills and perform a couple of her songs acoustically.

One of them was, Lucky, written in response to how blessed she felt after she gave birth last year. Much like her earlier works, Lucky is uplifting, with a free-spirited tune and simple yet relatable lyrics.

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We recently caught up with Lenka to discover more about the creative process.

How did you become so immersed in music? What were the triggers that enabled you to pursue music as a career?

“I was raised in a musical house, with a jazz musician dad, and was expected to learn instruments and love music – and I did. But I never wanted to be a musician. My passion was acting and dancing and it wasn’t until I was singing in a fringe theatre play in my early 20s that I truly fell in love with it and decided to switch careers.

“I was pretty disillusioned with acting anyway and wanted more control over my artistic output. Writing songs and practicing your craft is something you can do alone and then show the world when you’re ready. I started reaching out to whoever I knew in my community that played music and that led me to the Decoder Ring guys.”

What was the lyrical and musical motivation for Lucky?

“My family, my husband, my new baby, and my bigger kid were all filling me with a lot of love when I wrote this song last year. I wanted to express gratitude to the universe for bringing them to me. I am damn lucky.”

Lenka’s fifth album, Attune, will be available worldwide on October 13.

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