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Californians believe the mythical Chupacabra is stalking their pets

A small community of Californians have officially lost the plot and believe they are being haunted by the mythical El Chupacabra.

Firstly, what is a Chupacabra? Well, it’s a folkloric beast that is one of the most commonly studied in cryptozoology (the study of mythical animals). The beast has been ‘spotted’ and described as a mix of vampire, furry lizard, with fanged teeth, bulging red eyes, and a reptilian body.

Cary Shuker told The Press-Enterprise that a creature presented itself near his Riverside home. His description of the ‘animal’ was that it was 60 centimetres “than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.” The snarling creature also apparently had a tail like a rat.

Shuker explained that, “It was cussing me out, basically… I stole its breakfast. It was hunting my cat.” The Press-Enterprise quoted two other residents who witnessed the creature and are extremely worried it could attack and kill pets, and potentially a human.

Among all the hubbub, it’s good to know that there are some people with their heads still screwed on. One expert said that the mysterious creature is definitely not a murderous Chupacabra.

Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Maine, said it was likely a coyote with mange or similar much more common animal.

Californian local wildlife officials agreed with the expert that the sightings in Riverside are far from mythical. As Andrew Hughan, spokesman for for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told The Press-Enterprise, “Chupacabras are not a thing.”

Well, there you have it folks. Chupacabras are a bunch of malarkey.

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