A 16-year-old is conquering Instagram with his yummy vegan desserts

On Instagram, a user who goes by the name ‘Jose’ has attracted a half a million followers with his picturesque vegan breakfasts and desserts. The most impressive part? He’s only 16 years old.

The teen regularly puts an eye-catching spin on plant-based food, which is often accused of being boring and even unsavory. Looking to change how people see vegan cuisine, he creates food arrangements with a focus on colours, textures, and patterns.

Some of his dishes include cheesecakes, raw cakes, smoothie bowls, and galaxy-themed popsicles – all beautifully topped with the freshest ingredients like frozen berries, vegan chocolates, and chia pudding.

“Life is too short to eat boring food,” his Instagram bio reads.

If you’re thinking of converting to vegan, Jose sometimes includes the recipes to his culinary creations. So you’ll not only have a better and healthier diet, you’ll also up your IG game. That’s pretty sweet (no pun intended)!