Some dude attempts to take a photo of huge wave during Hurricane Irma, gets rightfully smashed

Sometimes in life you really have to weigh up whether something is worth the immense pain it’ll put you through. And no, in this instance, I’m not talking about marriage.

A Florida man was apparently so keen to get a photo of a truly enormous wave that had been brought about by Hurricane Irma.

However, to take the photo this man wanted, he had to get close. Very close.

Probably too close.

Footage captured by a webcam shows the man holding his camera aloft and getting absolutely poleaxed by the oncoming water, knocking him to the floor.

Fortunately, the man was not too badly harmed and was able to get back to his feet before leaving the area.

And in a cliffhanger ending to rival that of Inception, there’s no word yet on whether the photo was a success.