Featured Image for Artist makes one amazing poster for every part of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

Artist makes one amazing poster for every part of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

In May, illustrator Cristiano Siqueira celebrated Twin Peaks: The Return by promising to make a poster for every part of the series’ third season. Now that the season is over, he’s nearly fulfilled that promise.

Initially, the Brazilian artist only planned to make one poster for the entire season, but realised the show was much too complex to capture on one canvas. So he sought to create 18 works, one for each episode.

So far, he has done 17 illustrations, with two more posters for the two-part finale coming soon.

His compositions feature a striking element from each part, often focusing on the faces of the characters. This particular aesthetic not only captures the tone of the series, but also serves as a mirror to David Lynch’s surreal and macabre visual style.

Siqueira, who got hooked on Twin Peaks after seeing it on VHS many years ago, said he loved the long-awaited third season.

“It’s much more intriguing, surrealistic and Lynchesque than ever. It’s been exciting and inspiring!”

He added that part five was, creatively, the toughest: “I wanted to portrait Becky Burnett since the first time I saw the car scene, but there’s SO much going on in that episode.”

You can find out more about Cristiano Siqueira’s work here.

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