Syrian artist creates powerful art by portraying world leaders as refugees

Surely we’re not the only ones that feel a strange sense of satisfaction while looking at these images.

Syrian artist Abdalla Al Omari, who is currently based in Belgium, has reimagined a number of world leaders as refugees – depicting them enduring the struggles faced by many (including Omari himself).

The series, aptly titled The Vulnerability Series, places the likes of Donald Trump, Bashar Al Assad and Vladimir Putin on the other side of the issues that they deal with on a daily basis; exploring themes like homelessness, desperation and poverty.

While his work has been mostly well received, Omari has also been criticised.

“People are sometimes too fond of their politicians. They cannot see them fall off their thrones. They cannot see them weak,” Al Omari explained to CNN

He added that his intention was not to disrespect the world leaders, but to “give them back their humanity.”

“Somehow my aim shifted from an expression of anger that I had… to a more vivid desire to disarm my figures, to picture them outside their positions of power.”