Man accused of bashing CEO in a Chewbacca suit faces court wearing a colander over his head

The same man banned from Thredbo for skiing in a Chewbacca costume is part of a religion called “The Church of the flying spaghetti monster” No, for real.

Now, this a bit complicated, but bare with me.

Keith Melvyn Wass was banned from Australian alpine village and ski resort Thredbo last August for skiing with a Chewbacca costume, antics that according to the resort’s administration were threatening and intimidating to the children.

During a heated argument on the slopes, Wass allegedly bashed Thredbo’s general manager Jordan Rodgers with his snowboard, causing him facial and dental injuries.

The costumed assailant admitted the incident on his Facebook page and explained the situation from his point of view:

“Been banned from Thredbo by the CEO Jordan Rogers for riding in the Chewbacca costume, so I dropped him, he lost consciousness and some teeth,” he also added,

“Been ordered not to have any contact with Thredbo staff. Other bail conditions are impossible for me to follow so they have set me up to fail. I am thinking of going into custody here until the trial.”

But wait, there’s more. The man, charged for assault appeared yesterday at Cooma Local Court wearing a colander over his head. Why you might ask? Well, the guy is a Pastafarian of course!

Pastafarians are devotees of a satirical religion called “The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster”. The religion is legally recognized in Netherlands and New Zealand, and Wass is the second person in New South Wales to be granted permission to wear the colander hat -sacred for the pastafarians – in his driver’s license photo.

The 51 year-old says Thredbo has taken the “value of his life” because snowboarding helps him alleviate a medical condition. Well, you don’t say!

Actually, The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a movement that cleverly mocks religion and was founded in protest against “intelligent design” and “creationism” being taught in public schools in the US. The movement has received praise from the Scientific community and serves as a contemporary version of philosopher Bertrand Russell’s “Tea pot” analogy, in which he states that if he were to assert without proof, that a teapot orbits the Sun somewhere between the Earth and Mars, he could not expect anyone to believe him solely because his assertion could not be proven wrong.