Featured Image for Berlin man issued with €900 ($AU1340) fine for farting next to police officer

Berlin man issued with €900 ($AU1340) fine for farting next to police officer

Most of us are brought up with the notion that we are supposed to show the utmost respect to law enforcement. That means the usual – turning down the radio at traffic stops, toning down the swears and perhaps even, in the US at least, calling them sir.

A German man – named in local press as Christoph S. – has learned the price of not paying police the right level of respect, ending up before the courts due to an untimely fart.

The man was being stopped for a routine ID check when he farted loudly twice “in the vicinity of a female police officer”. The leader of the police unit took offence, saying the fart was a sign of disrespect.

After a year-long wait, a Berlin court issued the man with a €900 ($AU1340) fine, saying that the honour of the policewoman was directly injured by the fart.

He appealed to a higher court – arguing that the fine was excessive and that the decision of the first instance court was “a failure of the state”.

Fortunately for the man, the higher court agreed with the man’s claims – throwing out the police’s argument and telling the man he had no case to answer.

As yet, we are unsure if this sets a precedent that farting on and around police officers is now A-OK, but we’d recommend not adopting the ‘better out than in’ rule on your next German holiday – unless you’d like to start an international incident.

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Originally from Cairns, Australia, Daniel currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

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