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The (totally) AMAZING Game of Thrones pattern you probably missed

Is there more to the deaths in Game of Thrones than first meets the eye? Reddit user razobak09 certainly thinks so. Spoilers ahead, of course.

If we have learnt anything about Game of Thrones, it’s that the show is soaked in hidden themes, symbolism and signs of things to come.

That’s why we quickly got on board when we read a Reddit post about patterns a fan had noticed in many of the major deaths on the show. Basically, the actions of a character – particularly their most infamous moments – are strongly connected to the way they die.

The fate of every character could be in plain sight.

The fate of every character could be in plain sight.

Check out razobak09’s post or read the simplified list below. We dare you to tell us there’s no intended symbolism.

  • Ned Stark was beheaded with the same sword he used to behead a Night’s Watchman.
  • Tywin orchestrated the Red Wedding where many were shot with crossbows; Tyrion killed him with a crossbow.
  • Roose Bolton stabbed Robb Stark in the heart before taking a knife to his own at the hands of his son, Ramsay.
  • Walder Frey ordered Catelyn Stark’s throat cut only to have Arya seal the same fate for him.
  • Ramsay Bolton fed countless victims to his hounds; the very same hounds ended up eating him.
  • The Sand Snakes were killed by their own favourite weapons: Nymeria strangled by her whip, Obara impaled on her spear and Tyene killed by poison.
  • Olenna Tyrell planned Joffrey’s poisoning and was offered the same method of execution by Jamie.
  • Joffrey gave the verbal order to have Ned Stark killed; the poison he was given stifled his ability to speak (razobak09 admits this could be a reach).

And last but not least, arguably the most satisfying death of the series so far:

  • Littlefinger sparked conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks by planning to have Bran assassinated with the Valyrian Catspaw Dagger; the very same dagger found its way into Arya’s hands, who used it to cut Littlefinger’s throat at Sansa’s command.

As it turns out, Game of Thrones deaths aren’t just gruesome and frighteningly creative: they are pretty damn poetic.

An honourable mention to Redditor PetyrFabulish for this comment:

Take a look at the full thread for plenty of other examples provided by faithful fans in the comments, and good luck finding ways to occupy yourself until the final season airs.

Bran Stark
Bran Stark

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