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Sculptor creates an ‘obese’ house that looks like a pile of fatty flesh

Could we think of anything more appetising than a gingerbread house? Well, a house made of fat definitely didn’t spring to mind immediately.

Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm has created an “obese house” which has been put on display in Vienna outside a 18th-century palace. The house perfectly resembles a pile of fatty flesh like the swollen stomach of an obese person. The sculpture was first created in 2003, as a remark on society’s consumer culture, and clearly, is still very relevent.

The 63-year-old artist is one of Austria’s most recognised contemporary artists. His art was even featured in a music video for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The house is seven metres tall and in some ways resembles your ordinary suburban home. It has a conventional tiled roof, windows and doors. What makes the home unusual are the walls, which have swollen out like excess fat or a squishy marshmallow.

Wurm is showing his latest series at a contemporary art museum called 21er Haus, which is located in the Belvedere Palace gardens, along with his obese house. The house is open for free everyday between 10am and 6pm. Inside the house, you can view a short documentary about Wurm preparing for the Venice Biennale.

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