Featured Image for Richard Branson is bunkering down for Hurricane Irma in the most Richard Branson way possible

Richard Branson is bunkering down for Hurricane Irma in the most Richard Branson way possible

Even smarmy British billionaires have to hide from Hurricane Irma.

But when you have more money than God himself, you do things a little differently…

Sir Richard Branson isn’t leaving his private island in the Caribbean Sea, instead bunkering down in his wine cellar until the storm passes.

Necker Island is his luxury getaway and he’s been pictured riding out the storm in his very expensive wine cellar, because that’s what you do when a storm passes – get sloshed on rare booze.

Experienced a night of howling wind and rain as #hurricaneirma edges closer. Expecting full force in about 4 hours, we'll retreat into a concrete wine cellar under the house. Wonderful team calm and upbeat.

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He’s getting hundreds of messages of support from fans on his Instagram page, but like…maybe send your well-wishes elsewhere, because Branson is more than fine.

In fact, he’s just kicking back, playing dice and living large – frankly, he probably had a better day than you.

“We are expecting to get the full force of the hurricane in around five hours’ time, when we will retreat to a concrete wine cellar under the Great House,” Dicky wrote in his blog.

“Knowing our wonderful team as I do, I suspect there will be little wine left in the cellar when we all emerge.”

Ah to be rich…

He also shared some photos slumming it with the plebs as the 300km/hr winds lashed the British Virgin Islands:

Richard Branson

Branson and his staff riding out the storm in the wine cellar. (Image: Richard Branson)

“Strangely, it’s a privilege to experience what is turning into possibly the strongest storm ever with such a great group of young people,” Branson wrote.

It hasn’t been such a privilege for everyone though. The storm has caused devastation in the Caribbean, with up to three confirmed casualties already.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the storm.

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