Everyone’s pretty sure this weatherman let one rip on live TV

Alabama-based weatherman Chris Dunn might have forecasted sunshine, but maybe he should have predicted wind instead.

The award-winning broadcaster for WPMI was recently delivering the weather forecast when he suddenly paused and bent over. A squeaky sound – which we assume was gas – was then heard before he casually continued with his report.

The Snapchat video which showed the surprising incident has already gone viral, and has sparked a debate whether the fart was real or fake.

“That was a forced fart. That was no attempt to conceal. That guy aimed and fired,” said one Reddit user, while another added: “You’re not kidding he literally aimed his ass out of camera view. He was probably thinking the camera couldn’t hear his fart.”

Others begged to differ, explaining that either the man was just leaning over to give viewers a better view of the map, or that the sound was edited in.

Kristi Heller, the woman who took the Snapchat video, explained to Thrillist:

“My husband and I were watching the news and we heard it. He looked at me and said, ‘Was that what I think it was?’ We rewound the live feed several times to listen to it and were hysterically laughing.”

She added, “The only thing that was doctored was my notation from the Snapchat that said sounds like gas to us. Other than that, it was straight from the TV.”

Much like any other person would, Dunn has neither confirmed nor denied the farting allegation.