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This machine has a hand on it so it doesn’t look like a machine is jerking you off

Japan is the creator of some interesting contraptions, but we’re almost certain this handjob machine takes the cake. NSFW, obviously.

Gone are the days of sitting on your hand to make it numb then going ahead with your business.

Japanese creators Kanojo Toys have gone ahead and solved all your masturbation problems. Now you can jerk off with someone else’s hand without having to deal with all the pesky niceties of human interaction. Yep, the SOM Hand Type Handjob Machine has got you covered.

The SOM Hand Type Handjob Machine was created as a response to the popularity of the SOM Rocket Type Masturbot, which sounds equally un-arousing. It sounds a little more like a killing machine designed to rip you to shreds… Yeah, if I had a penis, I would pass on that one.

Kanojo Toys describes the Rocket Type as a “robotic masturbator designed to fit right between your legs as you sit or lie down. Using the speed controller, you can easily adjust the thrusts per minute from 90 to a whopping 180!”


The handjob machine boasts an “even more realistic masturbation experience for when you want the feel of someone else’s hand wrapped around your member. Like the original, just pop yourself inside the “holder” in the hand and watch as the lever rapidly oscillates you to a climax.”

And they say romance is dead…


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