Kiwi finds ridiculously big spider outside his front door, to his friend’s horror

As if the prospect of nuclear annihilation, with Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un leading two countries currently locked in a standoff, wasn’t terrifying enough – now, we’ve found out about this guy.

A farmer in New Zealand had been attempting to get rid of the ivy surrounding his house, when he discovered a gigantic sheetweb spider that had been happily residing near his front door.

The video, which was uploaded to youtube, depicts the man showing the spider to his friend.

And while for some that might be a horrifying experience, for this man, seeing an impossibly large spider, was definitely, absolutely not.

“Oh f***! He’s big!” he bravely said, while stepping back immediately.

“F*** he’s huge!”

As the two hatched a plan to move the spider without harming it, the friend wore the sort of expression that suggests he’s seriously reconsidering just how much he values this friendship. And fair enough too.

But like the true friend this bloke is, he stands by his mate and helps him out in his time of need.

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