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German taxman breaks beer carrying record

The Germans love their beer. In celebration of their love, there are a myriad of festivals and competitions where beer sits very much front and centre.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Maßkrugtragen, aka beer stein carrying. Over the weekend, German tax inspector Oliver Strümpfel, from Bavaria, smashed his own record for carrying one-litre beer steins.

It had previously stood at 25. He managed 27 in training, before pushing the record up to 29 by the end of competition.

While the competition is understandably the domain of Ze Germans, it wasn’t that long ago that the record was held by an Aussie. The previous record of 20 was set by an Australian man in 2008, before Strümpfel beat it with 21 in 2010.

He said the fact that the record was being held by an Aussie was the motivation for him to enter the competition.

Strümpfel has gradually increased the record over time – and says that he doesn’t plan to stop at 29. His winning attempt was originally supposed to be 31, but one fell and another spilled too much beer to be counted as a full glass.

The total weight of the beer steins is estimated at over 70 kilograms, with even an empty glass weighing 1.3 kilograms. Strümpfel carried them all 40 metres before putting them down on a table. No word yet as to whether he finished off all 29 beers.

Visitors to Oktoberfest will have seen the waiters and waitresses carrying ten or more across a crowded beer tent without spilling a drop. But the Maßkrugtragen renders their efforts amateur.


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