Featured Image for Aww! Five teeny, tiny Meerkat pups have been born at Adelaide Zoo

Aww! Five teeny, tiny Meerkat pups have been born at Adelaide Zoo

If you thought a canine puppy was cute, you will be in absolute awe when you see these tiny, little meerkat pups that have just been born.

Adelaide Zoo is the home of Mumma and Papa meerkat, Miney and Swazi who have just given birth to 5 additions to the Zoo family. The baby meerkats have only recently emerged from their burrow and the care of their parents after being born in the early hours of the morning on the 24th July.

The teeny little pups weigh only 100 grams each and are just starting to venture out into the real world. Adelaide Zoo-keeper Jenna Hollamby told ABC, “Miney and Swazi are doting first-time parents, tending to the pups’ every need and taking turns at sentry duty guarding their burrow.”

Hollamby also said, “The youngsters are still a little unsure of the big new world outside, but with a bit of encouragement from mum and dad they have started to explore their home.”

They are extremely adorable, however the carnivorous animal is known to be highly territorial, so it’s best to keep fingers away!

The zoo recommends visiting the meerkat enclosure during the morning or when the sun is shining for the best chance of getting a glimpse of the pups.



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