This unique pop-up store can ONLY be accessed by climbing a cliff

In Colorado, there’s a new pop-up store that’s taking the concept of pop-ups to – literally – new heights.

Called the Cliffside Shop, the store is located 300 feet high on the face of the Bastille Wall at Eldorado Canyon. It hands out various climbing gear – such as socks and hoodies – for free. The only catch is, customers have to climb to get to it.

The two-day PR stunt, made by firm ‘Work in Progress’ for advanced materials company ’37.5 Technology’, was manned by a seasoned climber from sunrise to sunset, and gave out stuff to about 70 climbers.

The Cliffside Shop

“Because they’re a dime a dozen—they’ve become an ad trope—how do you really do something so extreme and unusual and fitting for the brand that it gets noticed,” explained Matt Talbot, WIP’s creative director. “We had to push it, and the client had to support it.”

The Cliffside Shop

The tent, which took six weeks to fabricate, was built around a cantilevered ledge and pulled up on ropes before being latched onto the cliff.

Because the campaign raised US$15,000 (AUS$17,900) for the rehabilitation of local climbing routes, the company is looking to set up shop in more places around the world.

The Cliffside Shop

The Cliffside Shop

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