Cameraman doesn’t know he’s live, zooms in on ~super inappropriate~ footage

Rule #1 of cameraman club: never talk about cameraman club. But perhaps of more relevance, it’s important that a camera-operator always knows whether their shot is live. As this cameraman learnt.

A morning news report on a crash that had occurred in Jackson, Mississippi took a turn, when a cameraman zoomed in on a billboard advertising a presumably fine establishment by the name of ‘Danny’s Cabaret’.

WLBT morning news reader Joy Redmond was momentarily caught unaware of the slip-up going on behind her.

“Take a look here as in that traffic – zooms in to an accident you certainly want to be aware of as you’re heading out the door this morning,” she began, before turning to realise she was instead looking at a billboard of a pair of female legs.

The joys of morning TV.