A pic of your face is an odd yet practical way to make air travel easier

Get ahead (Get it? A-HEAD! Ok, I’m done) of other travelers at baggage claim by making your luggage truly yours.

One of the pains of travelling is keeping track of your bags at the airport. You’ve tried attaching ribbons or tags, but the damn things always disappear. The result is always the same: an embarrassing and stressful mix up with other passengers.

London-based online retailer ‘Firebox’ has put their heads together to come up with a solution: a personalised suitcase cover called Head Case.

Basically, the product is an overblown photo of your face that wraps around your luggage. You can choose any expression you like too, whether it’s an angry get-away-from-my-bag face, or a simple friendly smile, the options are endless.

To avail of one, just send the company a high-res photo, and they’ll print it for you. The suitcase cover comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), with prices ranging between US$26 (AUS$32) and US$39 (AUS$49). Find out more here.