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Juicero: Widely mocked juice start up goes bust

“Until now, this was the only way to get juice from an orange” *Squashes orange against forehead*

“You mean there’s a better way?”

US juice start up Juicero – which had more than a few similarities with the Juice Loosener of The Simpsons fame – has gone bust, just months after it was widely panned online for being an absolute and complete waste of money.

If you didn’t catch the story the first time around, Juicero offered a $US400 ($AU500) juice making machine. It successfully raised $US120 million ($AU150 million) from investors, before word spread that perhaps this new innovation wasn’t quite as innovative as it purported to be.

Instead of pulverising fruit to give you a delicious glass of healthy juice, Juicero users would need to purchase pre-diced fruit and vegetables in bags. The bags would then be inserted into the machine, which would use its revolutionary technology to put it into a glass for you.

The problem? The bags could be opened by hand, with the exact same juice coming out – meaning the machine was effectively useless.

The company also boasted of ensuring customers would only get the freshest juice by having the machines connected to the internet and not ‘juicing’ bags that were expired.

The only issue with this was that there was no way for the machine to tell if the bags were expired, as the expiration dates were written on them.

The story spread like wildfire across the internet, showing both the silliness of modern consumers and the apparent ridiculousness of the start up industry in general.

Despite the considerable funds that came in through an initial investment, the business failed to rebound from the bad press it received – with customers apparently unwilling to fork out $400 when they could just squeeze the bag themselves.


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