Tiny bird finds massage SOOOOOO relaxing it passes right out

So apparently humans aren’t the only species that absolutely adore massages. 

Massages are perfect for relaxation, stress relief, muscle recovery and can even improve blood circulation throughout the body. Basically if you aren’t a fan of massages, you’re really missing out.

We already know that our dogs and cats love being stroked, scratched, and massaged, but we rarely think about what other animals might enjoy a little rub down.

A video was released of a gorgeous yellow bird receiving a massage from two Q-tips and absolutely loving it. The bird is in such a contented state of relaxation that it literally falls off its perch. No, it doesn’t die, it just reaches ultimate relaxation and topples right off the laptop it is perched on.

We can only imagine the absolute pleasure that little bird was feeling. Is it weird that we’re a little jealous?