News anchors lose it over dog honking at owner video

Newsreaders are renowned for keeping their composure while having to discuss the most difficult of stories from natural disasters to vile crimes. Which is what makes this report so god damn pleasing to watch.

KCCI news anchors Laura Terrell and Todd Magel couldn’t contain their laughter while reporting on an adogable video (sorry) of a pooch honking at its owner from inside a car while they were out to get lunch.

The ‘sassy dog’ apparently had somewhere to be, keeping its owner on their toes in some hilarious footage captured by a couple in the car park next to the vehicle.

But the story was overshadowed – at least on the KCCI broadcast – as the anchors just couldn’t get themselves together, with Magel still laughing even as the bulletin headed to an ad-break.

However in fairness to the pair, that dog is clearly some kind of comedic genius.

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