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Typical confused mum accidentally asks the cops how to log out of Facebook

In the most surprising thing to ever happen, a mum has failed spectacularly at using Facebook.

Lorna Thomas recently tried to log off her son Daniel’s Facebook account and log into hers. However, instead of sending her kid a private message to ask for help, the confused mum somehow ended up on the Avon and Somerset Police Facebook page.

Her message to the cops read: “Hello Daniel. This is your mother. How do I get back to my own Facebook page?”

Luckily for Daniel, the police were quick to respond.

“Hi Daniel’s mum, this is the police. If you click the little arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the page, it should give you an option to log out. You will then be able to log back into your own account,” they replied.

Lorna must have managed to log in because she returned later to explain herself.

“I am so sorry! I thought I was on Dan’s page and was trying to Facebook an email message from you on to our village page,” she wrote. “I will now give up doing anything out of the ordinary on Facebook- very embarrassed.”

“Trying to Facebook an email message” is a sure sign that something has gone terribly awry in Lorna’s social media education.

Daniel got off lightly really, considering the damage his mum could have done while logged into his account.

Explaining technology to older relatives is a chore at the best of times. Everyone has that one family member who doesn’t understand the difference between a Facebook wall and a private message, or who writes inappropriate things on photos. There is even a whole subreddit dedicated to it.

Daniel himself did show up in the thread later, requesting that the police don’t arrest his mum for wasting their time. Let’s hope he invests some time in giving his mum a few extra Facebook lessons.

Via The New Zealand Herald

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