Man goes on Reddit to prove that he wasn’t cheating on live TV

Reddit is known for enjoying a good witch hunt. Sometimes, such as in the search for the Boston Marathon bomber, it can have disastrous consequences.

But on other occasions, Reddit investigations lead to wholesome truths being uncovered. That was the case for one baseball fan, who was caught on live TV at a Red Sox game looking pretty damn guilty.

In the clip below, the camera pans onto the dude in question, who has his arm around a woman. At that moment, he appears to mouth the words “oh shit!” and removes his arm.

Busted! It looks like a classic case of a cheater caught in the act. Or was it?

The clip was shared on Reddit, where it racked up 119 thousand upvotes and over 8,000 comments. It didn’t take long for Redditors to start sleuthing, with some suggesting that she can be seen saying the word “enough,” meaning that she was, in fact, the cheater.

Others, meanwhile, even gave tips to avoid such an awkward moment. “Could have been way more smooth about it by bending down to tie his shoe, then he’d hide his face and not offend side bish,” said one Redditor.

Eventually, the man got wind of what was happening and created a Reddit account with the username ‘sidedude’ to settle the matter. He wrote:

“This is me, the wife and I had no idea we were on TV. Can’t remember whats happening here although we had a 10/10 date night. Guess my arm needed to go though haha.”

Later he followed up with another post, including a pic of him and his wife as proof.

The man and his wife

Reddit seems satisfied that the man wasn’t cheating. But since the explanation was posted, another mystery has emerged: why wasn’t a great username like ‘sidedude’ already taken?

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