Tokyo’s newest restaurant makes fine dining an immersive experience

If you want to take your fine dining experience to the next level, head to Tokyo where Ryotaro Muramatsu is creating a fully immersive aesthetic experience for you to enjoy while you chow down.

Muramatsu is not a chef, but rather the director of a design firm called Naked Inc. That’s a company not exactly known for food: Naked Inc. is famous for its work in digital media. Not the kind of thing you might associate with a full stomach.

But thanks to Muramatsu, that’s all about to change. His new restaurant, which is called Tree by Naked, has some pretty lofty ambitions when it comes to integrating visual design with culinary greatness.

In a multimedia extravaganza, the lucky guests of Tree by Naked will be treated to three storeys of virtual reality, light shows, and musical compositions, all centring around the theme of a tree growing into maturity, following all stages of its development, from seed to tree.

That sounds cool enough, but what about the food? Foodies need not worry: the kitchen will be run by the head chef of Hoff Restaurant & Bar, a trendy American-style restaurant in Tokyo’s famous Shibuya area.

Diners can expect a multi-course feast with appetisers, fish, meat, and a surprise fifth course, which Muramatsu has decided to keep a mystery for now.

Does that all sound like marketing hype? Who cares! I want to eat a five course meal while watching a multimedia rendition of a tree growing to maturity through all four seasons. Don’t you?

As with everything in Tokyo, it won’t be a cheap evening – you can expect to pay $170 for the privilege of visiting Tree by Naked, so it might be a good idea to wait until the reviews are in.