Fox News anchor thinks Hurricane Harvey evacuees slamming shots are sharing water

As Houston begins to recover from Hurricane Harvey, it’s nice to see some lighter moments emerging.

A video of one such moment has surged to the front page of Reddit’s r/videos, with over 13,000 upvotes.

In the video, which contains the audible laughter of the person filming it, a Fox news anchor praises some Houston evacuees for sharing water.

The only problem is they are most definitely not drinking water. Yup, they’re doing shots of something. Probably vodka?

“Look at them sharing water, just out of the cap that bottle,” the anchor says.

“Yeah…I’m not sure that that was water,” chimes in her co-anchor, sensing the truth.

“I think I need to feel better guys,” the anchor says, suggesting that they should just perhaps imagine it is water and that the evacuees are enjoying some innocent camaraderie.

But with almost perfect comedic timing, one of the evacuees gives one of those “oh, it burns so good” exhales and picks up an actual jug of water.

“There’s the water!” The anchor exclaims. “Thank goodness for that,” her co-anchor adds.

On Tuesday, Harvey officially broke America’s rainfall record, with rainfall of 49.2 inches (124.9 centimetres). According to the National Weather Service, a whole new colour has been added to the weather graphics charts to account for the deluge.

Sailing down what was once a street, evacuated from your home in the midst of a terrible storm.

Can you blame these guys for doing some shots?

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