This man caught a GIGANTIC bullfrog and the internet is absolutely horrified

This is the stuff of nightmares. It’s said that everything’s bigger in Texas, and amphibians aren’t about to be left out of that conversation.

A few days ago, the internet was introduced to Markcuz Rangel as he graced the Facebook page of the South Texas Hunting Association and became a viral sensation overnight.

In a photo posted by the page, he’s shown holding what he claims to be a massive 5.9 kg bullfrog, and people went ballistic over it.

At the time of this article, the post has garnered over 270,000 shares – no small number in an online world dominated by adorable animals.

However, there has been doubt being cast over the authenticity of the bullfrog. Could it be possible that the critter was photoshopped into the picture?

Rangel claims he’s not after fame, and expressed regret that he didn’t take more photos. For validation, he also shared photos of other smaller (but still larger than we’d like) bullfrogs he claims to have found in the area.

Another popular opinion on the comments section is that Rangel shouldn’t have killed the prize catch, but based on the size of the thing, it may have been a kill or be killed scenario.

For our part, we’re just wondering how his parents arrived at the name Markcuz.

What do you think, is the bullfrog legit or are we all being taken for a ride?