Japanese make-up artist transforms eyelashes into whimsical works of art

When her creative eye was looking for a canvas, little did she know it was in plain sight.

Hair and make-up artist Miyuki Ogura is well known in the Gothic and Lolita scene in Japan. But we’d like to showcase some of her creations from outside that bubble, and attract more eyes (pun intended) from all over the world.

You see, Miyuki is also an eyelashes designer, and we’ve never seen anything quite like her work. Her collection of lashes are not only vividly coloured, but so elaborately crafted.

The designs range from floral to gemstones to butterflies, and are way too cool for school. Take a look:

We’d love to see these lashes in some real-world situations. We’re not talking about music festivals or costume parties, but maybe a first date? Or picking up the kids from school? Let us know if you can rock these on a normal Monday in the office.

To check out Miyuki’s extensive array of eyelashes, visit her Village Vanguard page or follow her on Instagram.