Fox News blasted for posing insanely idiotic question to Hurricane Harvey evacuees

Fox News has never been known for taking journalism standards to new heights, but even this seems ridiculous.

With the citizens of Houston battling Hurricane Harvey – which has since seen the city become flooded, with another metre of rain still expected to come – it would make sense for everyone to show some urgency in getting to safety.

Yet still, a Fox News anchor asked a reporter, who was live on the streets of Houston, to hold up a group of women leaving the scene.

The anchor then attempted to get the reporter to ask the women a question which was as nonsensical as it was long, about why authorities didn’t choose to evacuate along a different route. An answer the three bystanders, of course, would not be privy to.

Fortunately, the co-anchor defused the situation by cutting her colleague short so the women could resume making their way to safety.

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