These cotton candy soft serves will satisfy even the sweetest of teeth

Some people think of soft serve as the disappointing cousin of ice cream, but that has all just changed.

At 136-49 Roosevelt Avenue, New York City, a very special kind of ice cream shop exists. Squished in between a bubble tea store and a video game shop, Ruimilk is a tiny store that specialises in soft serve ice cream decorated with cotton candy art.

Nian Geng Lin, 27, of Fuzhou, China realised the trend of spinning cotton candy into shapes was taking off in a big way. He decided to treat the spinning of sugar as an art form and opened the store about a year ago.

The desserts are made into all different shapes to suit children and adults of all ages, and are the most Instagrammable treat we’ve seen all week.

If you’re not much of an ice cream fan (pffffft) then lucky for you, the store also sells juices and smoothies all created from natural ingredients, though that’s hard to believe when you see them!

For example, The Galaxy is a drink with swirling, brilliant colours highlighted by a flashing light placed at the bottom of the cup. The different flavours are all named after cities with famously impressive skylines, including the New York, the Seoul, the Tokyo, the Hong Kong and the Los Angeles.