WATCH: Lead singer stops show to blast grub who groped a crowdsurfer at Lowlands

Architects vocalist Sam Carter has won the admiration of many, after he momentarily brought his band’s performance at the Netherlands’ Lowland Festival to a halt, to shine a light on an incident he had seen from the stage.

Carter said he had witnessed a crowdmember sexually assault a woman in the crowd by grabbing at her breast while she had been crowdsurfing.

Though the singer said he would not ‘single out the piece of s***’ who had committed the vile act, he didn’t hold back in voicing his thoughts of the person.

“I saw you grab at her boob. I saw it. It is f***ing disgusting and there is no f***ing place for that s***,” Carter told the packed crowd.

“It is not your f***ing body!”

Carter finished by telling the crowd that anyone who felt like acting similarly would best ‘f*** off’ and not come back.